The 11th Transport, Maritime and Communication Council will be held on 5-7 September

  1. Transport, Maritime and Communication Council will be held on 5-7 September

xnumx'inci international participation, which will be held this year between September 5 7 place you have alın.xnumx-date catalog of Transportation in Turkey "xnumx.ulaştır the Maritime Affairs and Communications Council" for the countdown began.

1945, which has been held since 11 and will be held for the first time this year. Transport Maritime Affairs and Communications Council Meeting, to be distributed 'TRANSPORTATION IN TURKEY' Catalog will be prepared.

The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yildirim, hosted by the Council, 2 thousand delegates, including 5 thousand people are targeted to participate.

  1. Transportation Maritime and Communication Council, Highway, Railway, Maritime, Aviation and Space Technologies, Urban Transportation, Pipelines, Communication Industry in the 2023 Year and 2035 Years, Targets, Policies, Projects, Future Predictions in the Sectors is a platform that attracts attention.
  2. Maritime Transport and Communications Council, as it was in past years is to be carried out with international participation, weather will be specifically prepared in TRANSPORTATION catalog in Turkey, the prominent company with activities in the transport sector in Turkey will be given to news and advertising.

Ministry of Transport Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry with the support of the industry's leading associations, which will be published in cooperation with the associations and institutions will be heard also pleased to place your company in the catalog TRANSPORTATION IN TURKEY. Regards…

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Wire: 0-312-495 36 95

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