100 annual steam locomotive will be training vehicle at Karabuk University

100 years will steam locomotive educational tool at Karabük University: Turkey's first Iron and Steel Institute and Rail Systems, which opened its Engineering Department Karabük University, accordingly Located in Karabük Station Store 100 years of steam locomotive restoring and the Republic of Turkey to use for educational purposes Railways (TCDD) General Directorate. With the protocol signed between TCDD Materials Department and the university, a 1900-ton tender (coal boiler) was transferred along with the 65-ton locomotive built in the 65s.

Stating that they will be hosting a 100-year history, Karabuk University Rector Prof. Dr. Burhanettin Uysal said that they wanted to make the school and the city a rail systems valley. Rail Mühendisliği'yl with Turkey's first Iron and Steel Institute de opened that expresses President Uysal, "in Karabük Train Station Depot and moving them up and down a 100-year history of steam locomotives of our university, we want to go well in our history. This locomotive will be an accessory for our university while creating an education area for our beloved youth. The locomotive is in a scrap condition. We will revive our history by restoring it after bringing it to our university. I would like to express my gratitude to the General Manager of TCDD, Süleyman Karaman, who contributed to the transfer, and to the Yapı Merkezi and Yapıray companies, who will ensure that the locomotive is taken from the station and transferred to our university. " said.

In particular, it began to spread quickly gained speed trains and rail transport in a period of the first and only in Turkey Rail Systems Engineering Department, during the 2011-2012 school opened in Karabük University. According to the information received from Rector Uysal, Kardemir A.Ş. An agreement was made between TCDD and TCDD. In order to test the rails, a 5-kilometer road will be built on the Karabük University campus. Here, trials on rail-wheel relations, signaling and telecommunications will be conducted, and infrastructure and superstructure interactions will be observed.

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    1. ankara karabük zonguldak high speed train line should be built as soon as possible

    2. The fact that Karabük University has taken under protection even one of the historical artifacts that are decaying in many parts of our country is a truly applauded initiative. So far, only Eskişehir Anatolian reputation. Edirne Trakya Uni. There is an exhibited steam locomotive in the campus of sinin. I hope this initiative will set an example for other rectors. However, I would like to correct a false information. The locomotive in question is a 56300 type freight locomotive and its production year must be 1948 or 49. It is one of the last examples of the Steam generation. (in particular ore train) usage is also 100 years değil.saygı as claimed in the strongest gains in steamy air sahiptir.hab in Turkey ...