Zonguldak City Council Launches Campaign for Rail System Project

Zonguldak City Council launched a campaign for the rail system project: Zonguldak City Council launched a new campaign. Stating that they started a campaign for the establishment of a rail system on the Zonguldak-Kozlu road route, City Council President Yesari Sezgin said that this project is very important and therefore they will meet with Zonguldak Mayor Muharrem Akdemir and Kozlu Mayor Ali Bektaş.

Stating that they want the people of Zonguldak and Kozlu to support this project, City Council President Yesari Sezgin stated the following in his written statement: “One of the most important problems of Zonguldak is the transportation problem, it has a parking problem, and it is against a problem due to the density of traffic vehicles. we are across. Now that our road transportation network has become unresponsive at some points, we think it is time for us to take measures.

When we consider it as a transportation system, there is a reality in Zonguldak called a train. Until very recently, we see a train in our nostalgic pictures that passes through the city and Zonguldak is not too far from this train. Therefore, when we look at the developed countries, the return to the rail system started much earlier than us, we see how it is applied in big cities and we can see the relief it gives to traffic.



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