High Speed ​​Train was the bride tool

📩 25/11/2018 21:10

High Speed ​​Train became a bride vehicle: Ayşe Eski (24), who works in a shopping mall in Ankara, met Aygün Çoban (30), who works at a vehicle factory in Bursa, on the occasion of her mutual friends. Ayşe Eski was coming from Ankara to Eskişehir by YHT and Çoban was coming from Bursa to Eskişehir by road. Eskişehir train station, which has become a meeting point, has also become an unforgettable place in their weddings.

Stating that he was constantly traveling Eski from Eskişehir and when they saw the couple getting married one day at Ankara station, the groom Çoban stated that he promised to bring him in a wedding dress with YHT. “We used the High Speed ​​Train many times. Usually, I would take my wife on the train and send it to Ankara. I was always flying from here and waving after him. One day we witnessed a photo shoot in Ankara. A couple was taking a picture at the station. When I saw them, I said 'I will bring you in a wedding dress from Ankara by High Speed ​​Train'. I said our bride car will be a high speed train. We have always waited for this to happen. Kismet was today. The families looked a bit confused as to what was needed, but it was our dream and we realized it. That's why we are very happy, ”he said.

Bride talking about their meeting, Old expressed his feelings as follows:
“I work at Ankara Forum Shopping Center. It was very common for him to come and go to the place where I work because of his job. That is how we met. He cheated me. I am very excited. The high-speed train has always been a meeting point for us. I look forward to it being built in Bursa. We were going back and forth a lot, but he usually made him wait. It took me today and we came. Will I take a faster train? I get on. I am so happy."
The couple, who got off the train with the citizens, got on their cars and set out for their wedding in Bursa.

Source: Morning

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