Old man lost his life under accelerated train

Old man lost his life under accelerated train
The old man who wanted to cross the level crossing in Adana lost his life by staying under the accelerated train as a result of his feet getting on the tracks.

Adana Merkez Seyhan District Yeşilevler District incident, Necmettin Coskun (81), wanted to cross the railway level crossing to go home. Coşkun, who did not notice that the barriers were closed, fell on the rails and fell to the ground. Coşkun remained under the accelerated train to the direction of Mersin when the citizens were running to help. Coşkun lost his life on the spot while the 112 Emergency teams arrived.

The old man's son who lost his father in front of his eyes tore at the scene for a long time. While the train stops due to the accident, the investigation was launched.

Source : I haber.stargazete.co



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