Tram Access By False Parking

Tram Access By False Parking
The tram, which proceeds on the bus station line in Eskişehir, had to wait for minutes with dozens of passengers in it because a driver parked his car close to the rails.

The tram stop on two September avenue stopped about 10 minutes due to a car. Passengers parked in close proximity to the car, the tram was prevented from passing the passengers had to wait a long time. Tram officers and citizens waited for a while. The driver of the car began searching for a while in the area. Afterwards, the car was relieved after the owner came and lifted his car.

Citizens in the region, these events are not always seen occasionally, some drivers know the traffic rules, or unintentionally violating a large number of people troubled, said that the transportation is hindering. Citizens calling for more responsiveness durum Such cases are clearly invitations to traffic accidents. Drivers need to be more precise in these issues. Sür


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