Will the tram line pass in front of TÜLOMSAŞ

Will the tram line pass in front of TÜLOMSAŞ

Until the 1990, there was no sewerage system in Eskişehir. Toilet waste was filled into the septic tank and in the evening it was made with vacuum trucks. We used to smell it in our lungs. In summer, dust was not passed through mud in winter. It was sludge, because there was no sewage to suck and drain the rain.
If we ask, ”Which mayor brought the sewer to Eskişehir?“, You would think; but ama Who said, ers Who did the Tram, the gondola, who brought Sazova Park? '
These are superstructure investments, visible investments and not difficult investments.
Let's give a brief introduction:
For example; you draw a Tram Project, prepare the feasibility reports. After calculating your estimated income expense, you will seek credit from this profitable investment abroad.
10-20 from a bank abroad you will find loans with years maturities. For this purpose, the lender bank oversees the Turkish Treasury (the treasury of the government); because they do not trust the municipality. After you give the credit, they do not expect you to pay the money, they assign to your income; In other words, 20 tickets for the tram pass through the year as credit collection.
After you put the money in your account in your bank, you open the tenders and you will make the project part for the contractors. You will receive ”set Yurt from abroad. They call it the "set" of the tram, which you get inside. You get the signaling system.
Of course, someone a little smarter "in Eskisehir TULOMSAS (Turkey LOCOMOTIVE Industry) while the tram set was received from abroad why?" He asked. Let's just say Tülomsaş's entry into the tram set investment for Eskişehir is costly; then he asks if you're making an interview to create a joint order with other city municipalities who have made or invested in trams. Or, Bursa Municipality has invested in trolley set, but ask to see if you are meeting with this municipality in order to get cheaper.
"Appeal to the existing range, which is what other rail companies, spare parts supply conditions, this tramway was made by the representative office in Turkey who or who" asks.
In addition, he asks alın whether the construction of the ongoing lines will be made to the elections by 3 months, and the constructions are made too slow for this? Ayrıca.
Or whether the existing tram sets can lift the increasing population density in the future, and as new settlements come to life, 30 asks you not to pass a tram every second to answer the demand,, whether the rails should be dismantled and widened again to make the wagon larger? Y.
Do not get it wrong; these are necessarily valid answers. I'm just a regular citizen, just wondering. Maybe they can explain this on the municipality's website. Apart from the ulan frequently asked questions ”on the municipality's site, ulan rarely asked questions” such as “interest rate from loans, with which guarantees, how many years were taken inin, la reasons for choosing the existing tram sets“, “interview with Tulomsash Bel comes to mind These are important questions; We would like to disclose your site.
In addition, your investment cost, as a result, determines the ticket prices. When you apply the Turkey's most expensive ticket price, you also get cheaper loans for much needed investment, the business also consists considers that the contractors make expensive. Otherwise, you don't have to pile up a citizen, why do you make the tickets so expensive?
Nevertheless, you have invested in the overland trolley from Allah. If you invested in a bidet metro, then the 1 ticket would be 10 TL or something.
Trams do not ingenuity; The municipality is now making investments in Turkey do not count tram from the municipality. The municipality of Antep, the exit wagons, made with katanerler, did again. Tell me, ”How much do you sell the service for?“. Cak Will the ticket prices be increased after the new lines are opened? Cak.

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