Uşak OSB and Karma OSB train and high speed train

Uşak OSB and Karma OSB train and high speed train
Usak AK Party Express Train made the description.

The statement, while betting that the benefits of a high-speed train project, which will pass through Turkey Uşak Ankara-Izmir have Referring to contribute to the Butler High Speed ​​Rail line.

Description; Adır Ankara-İzmir high-speed train line project is under construction of Afyon-Eşme line of 178 kilometers. The infrastructure of the Polatlı-Afyon line at the rate of% 7 has been completed and the high speed train that will pass through Uşak will provide convenience in transportation ın.

Also mentioned are: N 15 pieces Organized Industrial Zone is located in Uşak Organized Industrial Zone which is 5 km away from the city center and the Mixed Organized Industrial Zone which is 2 km away. The transportation of the products produced in these organized industrial zones on the railways has a great contribution in the economic sense. The preliminary work for the construction of the railway network in both the Organized Industrial Zone and the Organized Industrial Zone started as a result of the initiatives of the AK Party deputies.

Source : I www.usakajans.co

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