Transportation will be required due to contrary to the contract (Video)

In violation of the contract against transportation
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, green buses from the integrated ticket system, the transportation of money with the passenger is an act contrary to the contract, stating that the necessary, he said.

The Assembly Meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality was held in the historical building in Sculpture. Prior to the meeting in the last month, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Recep Altepe, who informed the members of the council about the work they have carried out, made evaluations about the emergence of green buses from the integrated ticket system. Altitude of the city and the transportation of air and sea transport with significant distances voiced President Altepe, but especially in the urban public transport system, especially the last 40 days, noted that there are important problems.

We fulfilled the demands
Green buses with the Metropolitan Municipality and 11 annually reminding the President Altepe, solution to the problems experienced and tradesmen in the direction of not to be taken important steps, but stressed that they can not reach a result. Expressing their positive response to the demands of the chauffeur shopkeepers, President Altepe said, m 'We are not informed about us, we are not transparent, we are operating in closed rooms, we don't know from accounts.' We opened all accounts, we gave the passwords. Then they said 'we don't understand'. 'We can not win more vehicles on the lines' they said, we have removed the tools we put. 'Municipal shares should not be taken,' they said. Already the municipality was receiving a share of 3 percent have removed it. The Metropolitan Municipality does not have any income from the green buses. But he didn't say thank you. They wanted a raise, we did it. We can only do this much. After that, to transfer money from the Metropolitan budget, we can not do it, ç he said.

Ticket cut off against the contract
Despite all the good intentions of the Metropolitan Municipality, stressed that the tension is constantly rising President Altepe, "Now, we will cut our own tickets," they say. Accordingly, the contract must be canceled. Because there is no such item in the contract. Required follow-up will be done. This is the subject of Bursa. The purpose of privatization is certain. To get to the municipality and the city. Both the driver of the shopkeepers get the municipal share. Now we're not buying anything. We did what we could. Everyone must comply with the contract, otherwise it will bear the result. We are patient and we expect; We are open to any project on any subject. We are ready to do what the municipality may do, but let us be things. After that it falls to make us need. The contracts are clear and clear.
At the same time, the documents from the commissions and the 25 pieces were discussed and resolved.




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