Third bridge to relieve truck traffic

Third bridge to relieve truck traffic
TAV Airports Holding Chairman Hamdi Akin, stating that Turkey is an important project for the third flight of the new tender, well-focused as if he said the project would be a significant investment. Akın said, “This project is the heart of the Prime Minister. Such a project should not fail. I hope we can help together both financially and spiritually. The financial ones are the banks, the spiritual ones are us. Therefore, we have no other task than helping us in that way and ensuring the completion of the project. Nothing falls apart from saying 'good luck' to the friends who take the project. " used the expressions.

Akfen Chairman of the Board of Directors Hamdi Akın made important statements in the Üç Nokta program broadcast on Skytürk360 TV. He said that since they could not find the number they wanted in the tender for the Third Airport, they decided to withdraw. Stating that he was saddened by the words of Nihat Özdemir, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Limak Holding, who won the tender, Akın said, “I was very sorry for the statements that everyone regarded as strange. No such event has happened in any competition so far. Competition takes place and ends in the bidding room. You may lose or win the tender. After the tender, Nihat Bey's words were strange. " said.

Hamdi Akın stated that Atatürk Airport will be closed with the commissioning of the new place, but emphasized that they will not be victims of this situation. Akın said, “The Ministry informed us about this in writing. Therefore, there is no grievance there. All of these were planned, discussed and put into specifications. After that, it went out to tender. You did not question it, and we did not make a statement. Ministry officials should have done this rather than us. They can say it that way. " He spoke in the form.

Akın stated that there is no traffic problem in the dirt at Atatürk Airport, there is an apron and terminal problem, and that the terminal building will be enlarged. Stating that the barracks at the airport were removed to find a solution to the apron issue and a parking area would be built there, Akın said, “It is a structure that everyone can easily understand in terms of architecture. In the existing terminal, it can be easily expanded to the cargo with additional additions. If instructed to us, it will be done immediately. " he spoke.

Hamdi Akın said that despite the BUDO established by Bursa Municipality, the people of Bursa prefer IDO more. Pointing out that BUDO will continue to work for the benefit of the public, but this will not be sustainable, Akın said, “BUDO is not making money right now. Bursa is mostly our target city. Because the people of Bursa use IDO a lot. Bursa residents come and go to Istanbul this way. Therefore, we should take more references to the people of Bursa and address them more. We need to pay more attention to their demands. " He spoke in the form.


Stating that they will open a road through IDO in terms of reducing the traffic in TEM, Akın stated that the project is in the preparation phase. Stating that it is not easy to set up a line that will carry fast and serial even if there is a scaffold, Akın said, “An advantage can be brought in terms of cost because there is a waiting period here. If such a RORO system is installed, it can eliminate the waiting in trucks as it will operate 24 hours a day. We are working on how this will have an effect, how will it reflect on us. " gave the information.

Stating that the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge to be built in Istanbul will greatly reduce the truck traffic in TEM, Akın made the following evaluations:

“Several projects in Istanbul are in practice for truck traffic. The third bridge is also planned for truck traffic. It is likely that most trucks will be diverted to the Third Bridge. When the project is finished, one of the most important issues in Istanbul will be resolved. This brings passage from the north of Istanbul. Quite a long way for trucks. If we can do this in the form of RORO in Marmara, it would be fine. In addition, a bridge is being built at the Eskihisar Izmit Bay crossing. When that bridge is also completed, the bridge will mainly carry trucks and will facilitate traffic and traffic. If we can add sea transportation to this, it is likely that the truck issue will not be occupying the Bosphorus bridge, which has been solved in Istanbul. "

Hamdi Akın, who owns the investments of Novotel and İvis Hotel, said that there are 18 hotels under the name of Novotel so far. Stating that there is a need for more urban hotels than touristic hotels, Akın stated that they wanted to build a hotel in Moscow and Kehev, and that they started a 200-room Novotel project in Karaköy.

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