The third airport will be placed on 2.5 million trees

The third airport will be placed on 2.5 million trees
The third airport in Istanbul will affect the 2.5 million tree in the region. 1.8 million trees to be moved, 657 thousand trees to be cut.

Faik Öztrak, Deputy Chairman of CHP, applied to the Information Department of the Ministry of Transport and asked questions about the new airport to be made to Istanbul. In the response given by the Ministry Undersecretary Habib Soluk 1.8 million trees will be moved to the airport because of the 657 thousand trees will be cut.

61.7 million square meters

In his answer to Öztrak, Soluk stated that the location of the airport was chosen by taking into consideration the X meteorological N, in topographic: and ı navigation ini conditions. The number of 61 bin 720 from the trees here is the amount of wood that has completed its life and is required to be added to the forest. 657 million 950 thousand 1 pieces of trees can be moved. Transportation and similar transactions shall be made in accordance with the legislation within the scope of expropriation. In case the permission is granted by the Istanbul Regional Directorate of Forestry, necessary negotiations will be made with the nearby municipalities, especially Arnavutköy and Eyüp Municipalities, in order to cover the cost of the project.




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