Flying Train to be produced in Monorail

Flying Train to be produced in Monorail
Fast Train or Flying Train known as the Monorail will be produced in Duzce exactly this 111 days ago, I have written this corner.

The construction of Simetri near Çilimli near the construction of the Monorail will increase the production in the near future, expressing Duzce's Istanbul-Ankara train to do the pursuit of high-speed train on the agenda nowadays I said Flying Train.

Yes, the speed train project will not pass through Duzce, or continue to debate Duzce Deputy Fevai Arslan openly, this issue has put the end point for now. Mr. Arslan stated that the high speed train was not on the agenda recently and some of them also took the gas.

The Flying Train Monorail is a completely different device. The system is different in this Flying Train Monorada. The latest technology in the era of science Flying Train Monorail related to my post 8 February 2013 Duzce Post a post on my local television gave me a new news. In fact, my writing on this 111 days before this Speed ​​Train Monorail is correct in writing that our local channel in a sense days has been confirmed.

I think it's a good thing to go ahead. After this time, I can not be modest, I always like to go ahead of my closest follower.

After all, the 63 Duzce's annual history of the brand-flagship Düzce Postasi newspaper should be the difference here, right?

If you want to tell me how I learned the first information about the Flying Train or Fast Train Monorail. Thus, we fulfill a right. I learned about the Flying Train Monorail 110 days ago during our visit in our office by our precious brother Muhsin Yavuz, the mayor of Çilimli.

Now let's see what I've said about the Flying Train Monorail in my article on 111 days, 8 February 2013 in Düzce Post.


Yes, you did not read wrong Flying Train in Çilimli district of Düzce, or the name of Fast Train will start to be produced.

We keep writing to Düzce to get a high-speed train line.

One of the symbols of Duzce and after many years of use, put aside and then sent to Istanbul on vacation we say to come back to Dekovil often. This is not the Fast Train from him.

It works with the Fast Train Monorail system and can go from a few inches above the ground on the conductor rails and can speed up to 585 per hour.

A company established in Çilimli District Organized Industrial Zone and established its factory on the edge of D-100 had a interest in the fact that it will start to produce a Fast Train-Flying Train operating with the monorail method.

This High Speed ​​Line, which will be produced by the Monorail method developed at Middle East Technical University, will be able to go on D-100 if necessary. So, at the bottom, the D-100 highway will be able to have a Fast Train with a conductive rail system laid on the air with the monorail method on top.

According to the information we received this factory to work with the method of Monorail this Fast Train another name for the Flying Train has been given many orders.

Yes, maybe a fast train running to Duzce is known for many years. But, of course, we want it to come.

While waiting for this, we can get a great Flying or Fast Train line, which works with the Monorail method.

Is that okay? This is Turkey. It has become a country that has experienced changes every day.

Because this method with Turkey will be greatly save energy where each passing day.

Now, the production of this factory in the town of Düzce Çilimli District will begin to learn with the method of monorail, both flying and fast speed trains will be able to see the route to the place of the order.

In order to establish this factory in Düzce, we have a duty to state that Çilimli Mayor Muhsin Yavuz has a great effort.

Now we are also publishing the pictures of this monorail type Flying Trains in this corner.

If you look at it, such a system is established in Düzce, and so we reach the age of transportation.

Say what. Would we like to surround Duzce and the Flying Train Monorail?

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