TÜVASAŞ 3 exports to the continent

TÜVASAŞ 3 exports to the continent
close to passenger car manufacturing 2 thousand for TCDD in a single customer locations in Turkey and perform 36 more than a thousand wagons repair TÜVASAŞ, Turkey has reduced its dependence on foreign rail vehicles in the area, make an important contribution to the economy.

Wagon workers giving shape to steel are producing pieces that give life to the wagon by processing steel that is turned into sheet like lace.

The wagon workers who clean their greasy hands as much as possible so that the hands of the interlocutor will not get dirty while shaking hands, and start working with feeding, saying “first job safety then work”.

Workers who carry the weight of their profession on their shoulders, who put the plates in the form of keys that they did not drop without complaining, in the end with the pleasure of bringing together the parts they bend and bend, sip their teas. Workers who have completed the final tests of finished wagons, will be happy to finish their jobs in the half sadness of the passenger cars will be filtered.

Source : I medyabar.co

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