Turkey's high-speed train line will be on 5 years 2 500 thousand kilometers

Turkey's high-speed train line will be on 5 years 2 500 thousand kilometers
Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Yıldırım: "Next we will do at least 5 thousand 2 kilometer high-speed railway line in 500 years" "Turkey's 37 cities hosting the 14 million population with each other, we'll have meet fast train" "the Railway Sector NQS and VOC-TEST Center Establishment Project ”closing meeting was held in Ankara Station. Minister Yıldırım, in his speech here, said they eliminated the accumulated problems in the railroads from the past. Expressing that “renewing the pottery does not guarantee the taste of the food,” Yıldırım said that the quality of the service also determines the quality of service in the railways, as the cook gives the taste of the food. Yıldırım said, “We have also adopted this. Investment in people is an investment in the future, investment in people is the biggest investment in the country. The rails, locomotives, trains, buildings we bought all have a certain life. But our investment in people is an investment that will last from generation to generation ”. Stressing that Turkey is faced with huge costs in testing and certification Lightning, for the opening of the railway line should be reminded that the completion of the testing process. Minister Yıldırım said, “It is coming and going for months, doing tests. You will beg in front of the men and say 'what happens, we will open the line'. They bring the milk that the man sucks for certification for almost as long as you make the line. ” Reminding that the railways have been released, Yıldırım said that this project is not only for the employees of the General Directorate of TCDD. Regarding the Tenth Development Plan, Yıldırım said, “In the next 5 years, we will build at least 2 kilometers of high-speed train lines. Turkey's population of 37 million that is hosting the meet, we'll have another 14 in the fast train, "he said. Yıldırım added that the development of the railways will continue to increase and continued as follows: After that, he can't stop whoever he wants. Because no more railroaders believe. Our nation has always been passionate about loving / loving. Railways still have the service can not. Because the railways have become a symbol of the independence of this country. It was not possible to eliminate the negligence of the years within 10 years, but we exceeded the uphill. ” - "Cost is not only welcomed 45 thousand euros, the Turkish State Railways Foundation" TCDD General Director Süleyman TCDD Staff Foundation to spend a National Vocational Qualification System Project implemented if Karaman to implement the occupational standards and certification system applied in the EU countries in Turkey, RAYDER and composed of Railway Transporters Damaq He said they created the RAY-TEST. Karaman, who stated that they made the definition of 18 profession on railways and determined their standards, also stated that they established the examination and evaluation center simultaneously. Karaman said, “From now on, the certification of the people who work in the public and private sectors will be ensured through this system”.

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