18 planned logistics centers in Turkey

18 planned logistics centers in Turkey
TCDD General Director Süleyman Karaman planned that the first place in 18 logistics centers in order to increase its competitiveness on a global scale anlattı.b the centers in Turkey; Istanbul (Halkalı and Yeşilbayır), İzmit (Köseköy), Samsun (Gelemen), Eskişehir (Hasanbey), Kayseri (Boğazköprü), Balıkesir (Gökköy), Mersin (Yenice), Uşak, Erzurum (Palandöken), Konya (Kayacık), Denizli (Kaklık) , Bilecik (Bozüyük), Kahramanmaraş (Türkoğlu), Mardin, Kars, Sivas, Şırnak (Habur) logistics centers. Of these, Samsun, Usak, Denizli (Kaklik), Kosekoy and Halkalı has been put into operation and construction works continue in Eskişehir, Balıkesir, Bozüyük, Mardin, Erzurum, Mersin (Yenice) logistics centers. Project and expropriation studies related to other logistics centers are ongoing. ”

Stating that the operating rights of Mersin, Samsun, Bandırma and İskenderun from 7 ports belonging to TCDD have been started by the private sector by transferring them for a certain period of time, Karaman said that their operational activities continue in Haydarpaşa, İzmir and Derince Ports.

Expressing that 2003 million tons of cargo was transported in 15,9, and 2012 million tons of cargo was transported in 25,7, 2003 percent increase in the amount of cargo was compared to 62, “The private sector was encouraged to transport and rent a wagon with its own wagon, in this context 50 Transportation contracts were signed with the companies. Transportation is carried out on our lines with 3 thousand 159 private sector wagons, and in 2012, 6 million tons of cargo were transported with these wagons; the rate of the private sector in public transport reached 24 percent. ”

2003 million passengers in 77, 2012 64 increase in the year 120 million passengers transport to reach the record recorded, Karaman, passenger transportation, provided a modern and comfortable service on the completed High Speed ​​Train lines, he said.

Karaman, added 1 May 2013 6461 numbered dates and added that Turkey ensure that liberalization of the sector with the Law on the Liberalization of Railway Transport.

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