Agreement Between Turkey, Egypt, Great

Agreement Between Turkey, Egypt, Great
Between Turkey, Egypt, Rail, Road and Sea Agreements Signed
Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Yıldırım. "Road transport between Egypt and Turkey to be liberalized bilateral agreements with transport and transit shipments.
Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Yıldırım:

Egypt by road transport to be liberalized bilateral agreement between Turkey transportation and transit shipments. So this type of transport will no longer be undocumented, will not be subject to any limitation

Egypt Transport Minister Abdullatif:

Our aim is to provide the necessary ease in the transportation field

The easier we make the transportation, the lower we take the burden, we will mediate the spread of trade and reach the consumer. Within one year, Ro-Ro saw the benefit brought to the trade in two states and the private sector felt it.

Minister Yıldırım, in a statement he made before meeting with Egyptian Transport Minister Hatim Abdullatif and his delegation, stated that Egyptian Transport Minister Abdullatif and his delegation had meetings in public transportation organizations in Istanbul.

With the Egyptian Ministry of Transport, the 3 agreement will be signed today, stating that one of the agreements on road transport, the second is maritime, the other is about the cooperation in railways issues, he said.

According to the Road Transport Agreement between Egypt and Turkey bilateral transport and transit transport of liberalization that expresses Lightning, "So this type of transport are no longer to be undocumented, will not be subject to any restrictions. The document system will continue for both empty countries and third country shipments. With this agreement, I think there will be a significant increase in the transportation to the Middle East and North African countries both in and through Egypt. ”

It is a period of the Agreement that states that make significant contributions to the ongoing sea and Ro-Ro transportation between Turkey and Egypt Lightning, a short while ago with the Ro-Ro transportation makes drivers Egypt by plane from Turkey, he said they began the relocation application.

Yıldırım pointed out that the maritime agreement to be made with Egypt, the development of maritime and port activities, facilitating the transactions, ensuring economic and safe transportation, cooperating on life and property security in the sea and protecting the marine environment will be decided.

Yıldırım stated that he has completed the work of the working group, which was established on 17 November 2012, in order to develop cooperation in railways with the memorandum of understanding, “We will sign the memorandum of understanding between the two countries that includes cooperation on railways. Cooperation on railroads includes issues such as joint construction of infrastructure and superstructure, provision of railway vehicles, sharing mutual experience and organizing training programs in this field. ”

Road Logistics Center in the Egyptian wins the Minister Abdullatif and his accompanying delegation district, the logistics sector of the information presented which represents Yildirim about the role of Turkey, Egypt, the Turkey Wagon Industry in Sakarya Deputy Minister of Transport Joint Stock Company (Tüvasas) told us to examine fabricated Let's train set in the factory .

of developing relations between Egypt and Turkey in particular voicing his belief that gained great momentum in the field of transportation Lightning, the legal basis necessary to strengthen cooperation with the agreements will further strengthen, he said the joint work will continue by speeding up the both ministries.

Yildirim said the talks between the delegations were constructive and beneficial.

There was a big leap in trade volume

Egyptian Transport Minister Abdullatif Hatim is the 3rd day of their visit to Turkey, but said that they began to feel no strangeness.

Work, transportation field with private sector representatives stated that they Abdullatif opinion on how to get started, the accumulation of Turkey in the said area and said they wanted to benefit from the developments.

Egypt is part of history of relations between Turkey Abdullatif explaining, "trade volume over the past year was a big leap closer today, as the parties had reached a figure of $ 5 billion bilateral trade volume while talking. It is stated that the total amount of Turkish investments in Egypt is over $ 1,5 billion. This is an indicator of development. As ministries, we need to keep up with these developments. ”

Stating that the agreements to be signed are important, Abdullatif said, “Our aim is to provide the necessary convenience in the field of transportation. The easier we make the transportation, the lower we take the burden, we will mediate the spread of trade and reach the consumer. He saw the benefit that Ro-Ro brought to the trade in one year in two states and the private sector felt it. ”

Abdullatif stated that with the transportation to be carried out, he will ensure that Turkish products can be delivered not only to the Egyptian market, but also to the markets of neighboring countries, and that there is a certain visa application for those who go in groups and that the drivers coming with Ro-Ro transportation can get their visas easily.

Be signed on Railways deal is beneficial that the states Abdullatif, Egypt's railways despite having accumulation based on the depth of history in the field of support they will receive from Turkey, said that they believe to overcome the problems waiting to experience and solutions to accumulate.

After the speeches, the railway, maritime and road transport agreements signed with the Lightning and Abdullatif gave each other a gift.

The interview continued off to the press.

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