Visit from Turkish children to TCDD

TCDD Turkish children from the visit: 11th International Turkish Olympics Turkish volunteer ambassadors, the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) visited. Students touring the Atatürk Residence, Railways Museum, Atatürk Wagon and High Speed ​​Train in the War of Independence also gave a mini concert to iron passengers.

Welcomed by TCDD Deputy General Manager İsmet Duman, Turkish children first toured the High Speed ​​Train waiting at Ankara Station, then the Atatürk Residence in the War of Independence, the Railways Museum and the Atatürk Wagon. Speaking at the program, then navigate to Tower Restaurant in the participation of the railwaymen TCDD Deputy Director General Ismet Duman, Turkish Olympiads in Turkey said it was so festive mood are blowing. Emphasizing that the brotherly coexistence of children from different countries, languages ​​and colors is a good example for world peace, Duman said, "You are our voice flags" for Turkish-speaking children in various countries of the world. said.

Turkish Olympics to participate in their children's future businessman or businesswoman from when they are cultural and sociological benefits of the Olympics by making trade with Turkey, underlining that in the other economic effects of smoke, by academics and experts of the Turkish Olympics, he added that should be investigated in all its aspects.

11 years ago with the participation of the 11 country, the Olympics this year with the participation of the country pointed out that the participation of the International Turkish Olympics Public Relations Coordinator Hasan Ayasun 140 event will be held within the scope of the 55 province said.

After the speeches, Turkish songs were sung by children from Georgia, South Korea, Kyrgyzstan and the United States. TCDD Deputy General Manager İsmet Duman and other officials gave Turkish children a watch on the rail with a chain.

Source: ZAMAN

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