Turkish company establishes giant logistics center in Russia

The Turkish company is establishing a giant logistics center in Russia: Kemipex ZAO, owned by the Turkish DYO Boya Fabrikaları Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., is establishing a giant logistics center in Russia's Kostroma region. It is envisaged that paint products will be transported to various regions in the center.

Kemipex ZAO is a giant logistics center in Russia's Kostroma region. The center plans to transport paint products to various regions.

Kostroma District Governor said in a statement, the Turkish company 21,6 million (about 657 thousand dollars) in the region will build a logistic center was recorded. The contract was signed between Kostroma District Governor Sergey Sitnikov and Kemipex ZAO company executives.


UM The volume of the investment will be more than 21,6 million rubles, Val the governor's statement said. This project plans to finance giant private bank in Turkey's Isbank. In 2013, the representative of the company (Kemipex) will be opened in Kostroma region. Kost

Logistics center, Kostroma, Ivanovo, Vologoda and Kirovski regions will be delivered to the paint products were recorded. According to the bilateral agreement, a training center connected with the State Agricultural Academy of Kostroma will also operate for the highly qualified personnel to work at the center. The Governorate emphasized that the logistics center to open will have a positive impact on the economic climate of the region.

Kemipex ZAO is active in the Russian market since 1996. According to the Russian press,'n DYO agency sales capacity of the world 23., Europe's 10. and the first company in Turkey. "gave expression to the place.

Source: HaberYurdum

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