First Public and Private Sector Agreement from TÜDEMSAŞ

By manufacturing and repairing wagons, from the 1939 to the present, TÜDEMSAŞ, which has been providing freight wagons in various types and tonnages, and 60 freight wagon manufacturing agreement between Logistics company Reysaş Taşımacılık ve Lojistik A.Ş. Sgss Type 60 Container Freight Wagon Used in Container Transportation will be carried out at TÜDEMSAŞ by the end of 2013 and delivered to Reysaş Taşımacılık ve Lojistik A.Ş.

In addition to the orders received from TCDD, TÜDEMSAŞ has increased the number of production of freight wagons every year, and it has also produced freight wagons for private logistics companies and it has paid for its marketing activities. As a result of the bilateral negotiations between TÜDEMSAŞ and the logistics company Reysaş Transportation and Logistics Inc., which is planning to open up continuously for the production of freight wagons, a mutual agreement was reached for the production of 60 Sgss Type Container Cargo Wagon. It was stated that Sgss Type Container Freight Wagons is a project to be realized for the first time in public-private sector cooperation TÜDEMSAŞ.

TUDEMSAS General Manager Yildiray Kocarslan stated in a statement, yap We live as a historical day as TÜDEMSAŞ. This agreement is the first public and private sector agreement since the establishment of TÜDEMSAŞ since the establishment of the railway liberalization law. Today, we are signing an agreement of 60 between Tudemsaş and Reysaş Lojistik A.Ş. May Allah not be ashamed. Sgss type container freight car project belongs to our company and has been manufactured in our company since 2005 in accordance with UIC standards. These wagons will be manufactured with wooden upholstery, pillar, with handles. Due to these features, our wagons will be able to transport both container transports and materials such as pipes, billets and rods. 120 is capable of speeding our Sgss wagon is 24 tone. Our wagons are equipped with an automatic pressure air brake system that can adjust the braking system according to the load. We are living a historical day for Tüdemsaş and our hometown Sivas. We also thank Reysaş for their work with us. I hope that our union will be long term. Good luck. Hayır

Source: Haberciniz



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