Two years without tracing

Two years without tracing
The last train from Pendik to Haydarpaşa was 18 June 2013 Tuesday night at 23.40. The train will be renewed under the Marmaray Project. Two years off the line.

100 will provide transportation problems to the Pendik people over a period of two years. The train line was the main transportation line of Pendik. IETT has taken a number of measures in order to eliminate the transportation problem caused by the trains carrying tens of thousands of people on the Pendik-Haydarpaşa route for a long period of time.

According to information obtained from Mr. Celal Yaman, Deputy Mayor of Pendik Municipality; The number of buses operating on the KM20 bus line carrying passengers to Kartal Metro Station will be increased, the Gebze-Pendik line will be extended to the metro station, from the coastal road. KadıköyThe number of trips for double-decker buses going to Istanbul will be increased, Pendik- Kadıköy The number of bus services will be increased.

The inadequacy of these measures is obvious. Because the traffic flow on the roads to be used by buses is extremely slow as a result of insufficient roads and non-compliance with traffic rules. From Pendik by bus KadıköyAverage is reached in 1 hour 15 minutes. This period is extended even more during busy business hours. Road transportation has filled its capacity and has reached the point of blockage. Traffic on these roads will become impenetrable when the number of vehicles is increased.

The measure that will eliminate the problem significantly is to shift the transportation to the sea. Tuzla-Kadıköy The sea buses to be operated between solve the problem. The sea bus departing from Tuzla stops by Pendik, Kartal, Bostancı piers. Kadıköyreaches Karaköy and even Karaköy and returns following the same route. However, sea bus services should be done at frequent intervals such as trains and at an affordable price. If İDO (Istanbul Sea Buses) had not been privatized, the solution would have been easy.

It is the duty of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to solve this problem. It is worth noting that it is time for accountants to approach the ballot box as a result of their execution.

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