Tram Stops in Taksim

Tram Stops in Taksim
Bus and tram stops damaged by demonstrators in Taksim were removed by officials.

Buses and tram stops damaged during the 20 day-long actions in Taksim were cut and cut by officials. On the other hand, the nostalgic tram, which could not make its voyages during the demonstrations, started to carry passengers again today.

The term Nostalgic Tram (Heritage Trolley or Vintage Trolley) refers to the current nostalgic use of trams designed and used between 1900-1950. These trams 20 can be the restored forms of the actual trams of those days, as well as the imitations made today without disturbing the appearance and technical features of the old trams of the first half of the century. In some areas, the Nostalgic Tram (Vintage Trolley) today serves as the original wagon, while the Nostalgic Tram (Heritage Trolley) is used as a copy or imitation tram.

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