Transition to public transit stop ended (Photo Gallery)

Grieving transition to public transport stop is over
Due to the works of the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) contractor, the transition to the public transportation stop in front of the 42 Evler Train Station in the Izmit Korfez neighborhood became impossible. After the excavation had no chance of crossing, the inhabitants had to walk several meters to reach the overpass.

Citizens in the newspaper as a news of this distress suffered by the authorities who acted, the overpass to reach the station by replacing the metal steps solved this problem. A bridge was built to cross the empty space. Citizens who have to walk the 6 meter to get to the 100 meter distant stop can now climb over the bridge with the new steps and use the bridge. With a simple study, a big problem was eliminated and the suffering of the residents of 42 Houses ended.

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