Rail laying begins on Kars - Tbilisi railway

Rail laying begins on Kars - Tbilisi railway
expected to be completed in 2011, but not completed yet contemporary Silk Road project due to some disruptions (Kars - Tbilisi - Baku railway line) for the transport ministers of the three countries will meet in Kars, Turkey hosted tomorrow.

The Kars - Tbilisi - Baku Railway Project, whose foundations were laid five years ago and referred to as the "Contemporary Silk Road", will be discussed at the summit to be held tomorrow in Kars with the participation of the transport ministers of three countries. The latest situation of the project, which has been said to be slow due to financial problems with the Georgian side for a while, will be discussed. The project was supposed to be completed in 2011. Measures to eliminate the consequences of this delay will be discussed at the Kars summit. Transport Minister Binali Yıldırım and guest transport ministers will make welding at the ceremony to be held with the laying of the first rails. Thus, the construction of the line project will have reached a new stage.

The project will provide uninterrupted rail linking between the common three countries and the Central Asian Turkish Republics. Kars business circles are waiting for excitement as one of 'Kars's liberation projects'
the project takes place on the historical Silk Road route. The entire railroad is 180 km. The 73 km is being built in Turkey. Georgian side 28 km. Line. From Georgia to Georgia on Georgia's side
To extend. The section extending from Ahilkelek to Baku will be completed by rehabilitation of the existing railway line.

Turkey side is progressing fast

In Turkey section of the railway line and drilling - off-called tunnel work was completed significantly. 10.6 drill a total of 11 km long tunnel is being done in Turkey side. These tunnels
Significantly completed. In addition, the construction of 14.8 km-long 18 open-close tunnel continues. On the Georgian side, there will be a tunnel of 2 km length. According to the information received from the Ministry of Transport officials as of June 2013 the latest status of the project as follows: 4.2 million cubic meter route excavation (% 25), 825 thousand cubic meters of route fill (9), 1.2 million cubic meters of concrete production was made. A total of 10 thousand cubic meters of concrete was produced in open and closed tunnels. 570 million pounds were included in the business scope including VAT, and 40 percent was the realization. 2013 million TL was spent in 123, 22.5 cash realization was achieved. In total, the physical realization rate in the project is at the level of 54. There's more work to be done. The most important of these is the installation of the rail.

• The foundation of the Georgian section of the project was laid in 21 November 2007 with the participation of three countries' presidents. basic ceremony in Turkey's President Abdullah Gul side again, period Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili and Azerbaijani President Aliyev İlhami by July 24 2008 was laid in Kars.

• The agreement on facilitating tunnel construction in Georgia was held at 3 September 2012.

• In the first year of the project, 1 million passengers and 6.5 million tons of cargo will be transported in the first year. In the medium term, the number of passengers will reach 3 million and the amount of cargo will reach 18 million.

• The line will be combined with national railway lines of each country; Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey will not only connect, extend to London from China.


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