They went to the rally with the high-speed train they rented

ak party eskisehir provincial president suleyman reyhan
ak party eskisehir provincial president suleyman reyhan

They went to the rally with the high-speed train they rented: 408 AK Party members from Eskişehir went to Ankara to attend the Rally Respect for National Will by high-speed train.

Eskişehir Train Station together with the AK Party Eskişehir Provincial Chairman Suleyman Reyhan who made statements before the movement of the party members, citizens 'Respect for National Will' rally for the neighborhood and villages, he said. Reyhan, '' We went to the previous congress with YHT. Our friends rented a set from here and in this way, citizens from neighborhoods and villages organized the rally in Ankara. I hope they will listen to our Prime Minister in Sincan. You know that Xinjiang 1 takes hours from here. We also have friends who do not ride YHT'ye. I hope we will not leave our Prime Minister there alone. 408 people with YHT going. There are also those who go with their own vehicles, '' he said.

Prime Minister Erdogan said they left their jobs for a day to support Zulfu Engiz, '' we are with the Prime Minister until the end. We want our prime minister to stand up. We want him not to give up his case. As Turkey, we're here until the end of the public. I left my job, and I am going to support the Prime Minister. The events are temporary. Nobody can wash down the Prime Minister, '' he said.

Yusuf Karadağlı said, “We see that the evil forces, who could not find what they expected with the Reyhanlı attack, were in a new game bench. Hopefully our nation overcomes these difficulties by standing upright. Hopefully the actions will be over. We will show our support to our Prime Minister at the rally today and at the rally tomorrow, both inside and outside. '' Providing a souvenir photo before getting on the train, Süleyman Reyhan said, 'We are going to Respect the National Will fast'.

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