TCDD received slow response

TCDD received slow response
Polatlı Municipality of the TCDD level crossing to the organization of the General Directorate of TCDD writing a letter to the General Directorate of TCDD received a response from the General Directorate of TCDD.

Yavaş said in a statement: ı I forwarded my letter to the General Director of the GDR, I could not get a response. I left notes for his secretary over and over and over and over again, Finally, the secretary of the head of the GDY Road Office Selahattin Sivrikaya said he was looking for a brain. First, Selahattin bey apologized for being late for the return, he said that they could not look at the messages that they had Continuous Meetings, that the level crossing was thought to have been done, now that he had met with the contractor again, he ordered the tire for the crossing and that the tires would be laid in a month.

The rail rails on the edge of the rail rotting, what will be the question; 'Friends will talk to you when you come to Polatli will be informed about each issue.' He said. Slow now waiting for the tires.



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