TCDD will rent Yozgat Yerköy train station for hotel construction

TCDD will rent Yozgat Yerköy train station for hotel construction

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) will be amended to Yozgat station building rented for use as a hotel.

The following information was included in the announcement published in the Official Gazette today:

  • Yozgat Province, Yerköy District, Yerköy Station area, 551 m8 of which is open, 1.041,00 m2 of which is closed (Building residence area), which is registered on parcel no. 455,00, has a total of 2 m1.496,00 (Old Dormitory Building ) will be amended and rented to be used as a "Hotel" with the "Closed Bid Method" at an estimated price of TL 2 excluding monthly VAT.

2 - The tender will be held on 02.07.2013 at 14.00:2 by the Real Estate Tender Commission of the XNUMXnd Regional Directorate.

3 - For the real estate subject to the tender, the contract will be concluded to be valid for 15 years from the date of contract signature (Notary).

4 - Local bidders will be able to participate in the tender.

5 - The documents belonging to the tender can be viewed free of charge from the Station-Station Chiefs or TCDD 2nd Regional Directorate in the area where the immovable property is located, or TCDD's "" It can also be seen on the internet address.

6 - Of those who will participate in the tender;

a) The amount of the provisional bond will be 4.500,00, -TL, and if cash is deposited, the receipt indicating that it has been deposited to the Cashier of the 14.00nd Regional Financial Affairs Directorate until 2:1 on the tender day, (If given as a letter of guarantee, it will be for at least XNUMX (One) Year)

b) Tender specification fee is 500 TL + VAT and receipt of the specification,

c) Commitment stating that the bidders are not indebted to the Social Security Institution and the Tax Offices to which they are affiliated, or in the Social Security Institution and Tax Office for the 2013 Year,

d) Real persons; Documents specified in the 6.1.A of the Outdoor Rental Conditions,

e) The documents specified in Article 6.1.B of the Open Space Rental Terms from legal persons,

f) In case of joint venture; 6.1. Documents specified in ABC

7 - Letter of Offer,

(All required documents shall be original or notarized copies taken within the last six months)

8 - Those who want to participate in the tender will submit the tender file to the TCDD 02.07.2013nd Regional Directorate Immovable Tender Commission until 14.30 on 2 at the latest.

9 - Bids made by mail are valid, applications that are not made in due time, either by mail or by hand, and whose documents that change the nature of the tender are missing, will not be accepted.

10 - In case of failure to obtain a result from the tender made and / or the absence of participation in the tender, if deemed appropriate by the Immovable Tender Commission under the same conditions; BARGAINING METHOD will be applied among the bidders on the days and hours specified below.

  • If the bidder is within (15) fifteen days from the date of the tender, on 15.07.2013, at 14.00,
  • If the applicant does not appear within this period, (30) in thirty days, at 29.07.2013:14.00 on XNUMX,

  • Again, if there is no candidate, and if he / she is willing within 45 (forty-five) days, the bargaining method will be applied for the last time on 12.08.2013, at 14.00, and if there is no candidate or no result, the tender will be canceled.

11 - TCDD is not subject to the "State Tender Law" numbered 2886 and "Public Tender Law" numbered 4734 in this tender. For this reason, it is completely free to tender this work or not, to partially tender it, to tender to any tenderer it wishes, or to re-do the tender as it wishes. The bidders who submitted the offer have accepted and committed in advance that they will not object to this matter.

Notified to the concerned.


General Directorate of TCDD

  1. Regional Office Behiçbey / Ankara

Tel: (0312) 309 05 15 - 4918

Fax: (0312) 211 15 71

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