TCDD Authorities Examined Kartepe

TCDD Authorities Examined Kartepe: TCDD Deputy General Manager İsa Apaydın, Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project 2. Etap Köseköy came to Kartepe in order to see the point reached in the arrangements between Sapanca and Izmit between the construction of Vezirhan. Deputy Director General Apaydın stated that they know the problems of the people of the district in the work of Kartepe transition of YHT Project and said ler Hopefully, the intensive part of this work will end in this region like August. We want patience for our citizens shortly. Iz

29 October 2013 is planned to be developed in the history of the Ankara-Istanbul YHT project 2.etabı within the route of the railway in the province of the work continues. The project closely follows the work of the project in the transition under the scope of Sapanca Izmit Izmit Sükrü Karaklık, in particular, the people of the district is a separate effort to resolve the discomfort. The chairman, who had bilateral talks with Turkish State Railways (TCDD) officials in order to prevent the disturbance of the people of Kartepe during the MTH studies, went to Istanbul last week. Mayor Karven invited authorities to the district to be seen on the spot where the people were suffering.

Deputy General Director of TCDD who came to the district to conduct a survey on Kartepe route İsa ApaydınMayor Şükrü Karpathos, Deputy Mayor Zafer Arat, Railway Production Department President İsmail Hakkı Murtazaoğlu, contractor firm CİB officials accompanied. Apaydın, who expressed his pleasure in the distance received from YHT studies, said, Tren In this section, which is the 2 of the Ankara-İstanbul High Speed ​​Train Project, a visit has been made to see the construction between Sapanca-İzmit area on site and we examine the works done closely. Ninety percent of our infrastructure work has been completed, and the balancing and kataner poles started to be erected as the superstructure. In our meeting with our mayor, we reviewed the arrangements that were planned to be made in the region. We evaluated the determinations related to the infrastructure needed. We discussed all the details related to the removal of the negative effects related to transportation. Hopefully the intensive part of the work like August will end in this region. We want patience for our citizens shortly. Iz

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