Title change for TCDD staff

Republic of Turkey General Directorate of State Railways Administration Change of Title Examination EXAMINATION APPLICATION

Candidates will apply to TCDD.


■ Title Change Exam 07 July 2013 will be held on Sunday at 14.00.


■ A and B question booklet consisting of multiple-choice (four-choice) tests with 50 questions will be used in the Title Change Exam.

■ Title Change Exam 75 will be applied as a single session, which will last for minutes.

■ Candidates will take the exam with their personnel ID card, exam entry certificate and one of the special identification documents (identity card, driver's license or passport).

■ Candidates who do not have a special identity card and personnel ID card and candidates with a mobile phone next to them will not be admitted.

■ Candidates, X Exam Entrance Document ”, 28 June 2013

http://www.meb.gov.tr internet address.

■ Exam question and answer keys on July 08, 2013 http://www.meb.gov.tr ve http://www.tcdd.gov.tr Internet addresses.

■ Candidate exam results will be submitted to TCDD on July 29, 2013, the same day http://www.meb.gov.tr ve http://www.tcdd.gov.tr Internet addresses.

■ In accordance with the relevant law about the smokers in the examination building.


If there are candidates / candidates who have any obstacles to be taken by YEĞİTEK at the time of the exam and at the time of the examination between the applicants for the examination, if the candidate / candidate is present, the candidate's TCDD shall be sent to the TCDD. must deliver.

The applicant shall be responsible for the validity of the declared obstacle situation and for the validity of the report. This will be indicated in the announcements about the exam.


All of the 50 (fifty) problem which will be included in the exam question book to be used in the Title Change exam will be prepared by TCDD in the following subjects;




Evaluation group numbers are as indicated in the table.
Group Nu Group Name
1 Cer Machinist Teacher
2 Cer Wagon Teacher
3 Traffic Teacher
4 Road Teacher
5 Passenger-Cargo Teacher
6 Facilities Teacher
7 Computer Teacher
8 Technician
9 Technician

■ Evaluation will be made over the 100 score, the correct answers will be counted on the 70 and the score points will be considered successful and the success score will be calculated using the [Score = (True Number / Number of Questions) x XUMX] formula.

Each question to be included in the exam has equal weight as the score.

■ As a result of the error in the answer key and the decision of the commission, the questions / questions will not be canceled, and these questions / questions will be included in the evaluation by taking into account the correct style of the questions / questions.

■ As stated in the second paragraph of Article 15 of the / General Regulation on the Basis of Raising a Duty in Public Institutions and Institutions and Changing the Title of the Title X, which was enacted by the decision of the Council of Ministers dated 3 / 1999 / 99 and 12647 / 14 in case of faulty questions / questions during the evaluation Ül The scores corresponding to the faulty questions are distributed equally to the other questions. However, if more than five percent of the questions are inaccurate, in case of any objections made within the time period specified in the first paragraph or in any way, the examination shall be canceled and a new examination shall be made as soon as possible.


Candidates for information and communication related to the exam are named Merkezi Alo 147 Merkezi



■ Candidates can submit their objection to the exam questions and their application on the question and answer key. http://www.meb.gov.tr ve http://www.tcdd.gov.tr shall submit their objections to the TCDD at the latest within 3 (three) working days after publication on the internet addresses, and at the latest within 5 (five) working days after the announcement of the result to the candidate.

■ Candidates appeal to the Support Services related to General Directorate Rotary of Capital Business Ziraat Bank Capital / ANKARA Branch of, Turkey Foundations Bank Ankara Central and Turkey Halk Bankasi to any one Küçükesat Branch, "Corporate Payment Collection Program" via 10 TL (ten per KDV Including the bank receipt and the name of the exam written in the petition fee will be deposited with the petition.

■ The Turkish Republic ID number, name, surname, signature, receipt and address without a petition shall be taken into consideration with the objection made after the expiration of the fax.

All the objections to the objections will be notified to the candidates by TCDD.

Directorate General of Innovation and Education Technologies Measurement, Evaluation and Placement Group

Source: Officers

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