Today in History: 13 June 1985 İskenderun-Divriği line signaling ...

Today in History
June 13, 1893 The Nafia Council has completed the final acceptance of all the shortcomings of the Mersin-Adana-Tarsus line and decided to return the 6.000 lira bail deposit in the joint stock company Bank-i Osmani. As per the contract, this acceptance was supposed to be in 1887. The company's failure to fulfill some of its commitments has extended the process.
13 June 1894 The Vertekop-Monastery section of the Thessaloniki-Monastery Line was opened.
June 13, 1928 the Government of Turkey and the Ottoman Sensory-i Umumiyesi between patron PA-rise on the agreement reached Rumeli Railways bonds are evaluated separately from other liabilities and the value of the bonds remained as before. Bonds have no interest. Within this scope, the annual installment for all the states responsible for Ottoman debts is 270 thousand TL. d. The sum of the payments to be made by Turkey account with £ 62,23 168.033 falling 6.302.756 percent stake in Turkey's account is XNUMX pounds.
13 June 1985 The foundation of Iskenderun-Divrigi line signaling facilities was laid.

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