T1 Fire Truck

Reşat Oyal Culture Park T1 Fire Truck
According to the information received, some of the gasoline filled by Nedim B, who was working in the warehouse of the light rail system construction in the Central Osmangazi district Reşat Oyal Culture Park, spilled on the ground and a fire broke out.

In a short time, it grew into a prefabricated building where flammable flames, thinner, bitumen and flammable chemicals were stored.

At times, the fire occurred in the fire, fire crews extinguished approximately 30 minutes.

Nedim B, which was slightly burned in some parts of his body, was treated by 112 Emergency Service teams.

Firefighters launched a fire-related damage assessment, which caused the warehouse to become unusable.

Source : I www.beyazgazete.co

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