Singapore model is being considered for the third airport

Singapore model is being considered for the third airport
Nihat Özdemir said that they can take Singapore as an example for the 2.5rd airport where 3 million trees will be cut.

While Habip Soluk, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport, announced that 2.5 million trees will be cut or moved for the third airport to be built in Istanbul, the consortium that will build the airport sözcüNihat Özdemir, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sü Limak Holding, stated that the airport will be built with an environmentalist approach and that they can take Singapore as an example for this. Özdemir said, "Otherwise, environmentalists in Gezi Park can come and demonstrate."

Limak-Cengiz-Mapa-Kolin-Kalyon Joint Venture Group, which received the third airport tender to be held in Istanbul with 22 billion 152 million Euros plus VAT sözcüSü Nihat Özdemir stated that they have examined all airports in the world and that they will bring Istanbul an area with a different theme and that they will have some surprises for the public.

Emphasizing that the new airport will be environmentally friendly, Özdemir said, “If possible, we want to do it without cutting any trees. On the contrary, we want to build an airport with the most trees. We researched environmentally friendly airports around the world. Singapore has a very beautiful, green area. We can take it as an example. We even focus on green certification. If the opposite happens, environmentalists in Gezi Park can come and demonstrate, ”he said.


Özdemir said, “The financing model draws the attention of the world. So much so that it attracts great attention from the Far East to China and the USA, including the Gulf. "They make an appointment in person and come to visit."

Stating that they do not have to find 22 billion in a single item, Özdemir stated that 1 billion Euros is required for the first phase and said, “We know that we will find this easily. Because when we hit the market, our most important leverage will be the 7.5 billion euro passenger guarantee package. We will look for loans with state guarantee. "This is 6.3 billion euros guaranteed money that the State Airports will pay us."


Expressing that job applications started to come before the construction of the airport started, Özdemir said that even applications came from Atatürk Airport. Özdemir emphasized that since Atatürk Airport will be closed, 100 thousand people will be employed in the new area, including ground and air services.

Stating that they started to receive offers from all over the world for a thousand construction equipment required for construction, Özdemir said, “The amount of filling is too much. We receive offers so that we do not waste time.

Source: Hürriyet

Günceleme: 27/11/2018 16:58

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