Şanlıurfa Private Coach: Trolleybus is a Scandal

Şanlıurfa Private Coach: Trolleybus is a Scandal
Şanlıurfa Private Public Buses, the municipality in July by the trolleybus system to be auctioned is not known enough, stating that this application is a scandal, the details will explain soon,

Cankaya, Karaköprü and Eyyübiye Public Transport Cooperative President press the writing sent by the joint signature statement, "the democratic culture in the face of the biggest problem we have fundamental problems in our city Urfa product of the collective wisdom of the move geçiremeyişimizdir.urf on, a parallel city architecture to Turkey innovations catheter end 10 years The most important problem in the project is the lack of a future perspective and competence of the municipality. 02.07.2013 discussed this issue throughout the year before the municipality made trolleybus tender, the ideas of the parties were taken. In the 1 month, the system will be auctioned. City council members of this city are not informed about this issue. The head of the main opposition party, Mr. Ferhat Karatas, said that when I was asked about it, there is no information to say. I don't know what to say. the statement said.


The cooperatives, who noted that the purpose of the Municipality of Sanliurfa was looking for a excuse to close the Divanyolu Street, gave the following statements in the statement: rob This project is not a simple 8 metrobus project; With the reconstruction of the pavements, an investment of at least 30 million TL will be spent on this road and pavement. A strip of the road in the 5 lane mainland will be allocated to this 5 bus ring line. Road traffic will be closed to traffic. 2 8 meters of electricity pole will be crashed into the city center, only the transformer power plants will be installed for this system, the entire traffic system will be re-determined. Unfortunately there is no 'Transport Master Plan' created by experts in this field while changing the urban architecture and traffic structure. This is a scandal application. In the beginning of the year, a trolleybus system project was tendered. This project alone does not reflect the appropriate public transport and traffic system as a result of the transportation system survey in the city center. The municipality will set up a trolleybus between Abide-Balıklıgöl and create a technical drawing and specification of it. The tender was opened without any scientific research. It will make a large public expenditure that will shape the whole structure of the city center by 350 months before the local elections. However, with the 8 April project, the transformation in the central industrial zone and the establishment of the new district of 9 together with the change of the location of the public institutions, it is necessary to take the decision by seeing the new transportation needs and opportunities in the city center and it is not in the interest of our city to make an investment in this scale without the transportation master plan. The need for transportation of the city will mainly shift around the new governorate.


There is not one single transportation specialist in the municipality of Hüseyin Alagöz. The other responsible person is Abdullah Keskin, who is the electrical technician. delivered persons do not have transportation expertise. 6 a month on the one hand give me the 50 bus urgent say those who do not need one year after the system will come into play is enough to tell me that the buses are not aware of what these guys are doing. arbitrary decisions are not made. These errors will not be returned unfortunately. 35 thousand meters of cable, 20 electricity pole system is not working or when it is idle to dismantle the world's cost. The most logical way in the metropolitan logic is to plan according to the needs and capacities of the future municipality. Urban architecture, traffic, efficiency and cost, alternative systems are missing We will publish the report in this week. We will send the report on this issue to all political parties and non-governmental organizations, including the AK Party local governments. We will discuss and discuss this project with all aspects before making a tender. Not with the logic that I did.

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