Together for Samsun Fast Train

Together for Samsun Fast Train
Samsun business world, who wanted the Samsun high-speed train project to come to life as soon as possible by TümSamBir, also supported the work.
Expressing that there is a collaboration in every field in Samsun, Samsun Business World Representatives stated that TümSamBir's work was pleasing on behalf of the province with their statements. Businessmen from Samsun, who want the project to come to life as soon as possible and open it to Samsun, stated that the city development will accelerate with the start of high-speed train services to the region.

Expressing that the project to be brought to Samsun will also be a gain in the Middle Black Sea provinces, Samsun Business World Representatives expressed that they are ready to do their part in the direction of the success of the project. The opinions expressed by Samsun Business World Representatives about the Samsun High Speed ​​Train Project are as follows:


Ahmet Karslı SAGID President: “When the aim and target is Samsun, of course it is not possible to fall behind. We are no different from our fellow countrymen living in Samsun who live abroad. They are fighting for their people, for their homeland, which has made a good union in foreign countries. We believe in themselves and trust their sincerity. Of course, we are not going to leave them alone in this struggle they embarked on for Samsun. We are happy to do whatever falls upon us on this path. It is a fact that such a project to be brought to Samsun will increase the importance of our city even more. It will attract more foreign investors' attention. It will cause a more revitalization of trade in Samsun, the development of tourism and an increase in exports. And this project will make Samsun a world city by removing regionalism. Samsun will not forget those who support and contribute to him in this way.


Emin Bahri Ugurlu President of SAMSİAD: “We are always with you who put a stone brick for Samsun. In such a study, we do not leave foreigners alone. The high-speed train project should be within the 2023 targets. High speed train should connect Samsun-Mersin and Samsun-Ankara lines. This is really important. Connecting the high-speed train means that Samsun's potential will increase by 25 percent. It is very important for Samsun that the region has such a presence in the railroad after land, sea and air transportation. Therefore, it is an important study. Ministers, governors, deputies and non-governmental organizations should voice this work more frequently and should be included in the 2023 targets. In order for us to achieve success in the project, we must try not to fall off the agenda. As a non-governmental organization, we gladly do our part in this regard. But the relevant authorities should take this support behind them and make their initiatives.

If this big investment is included in the 2023 target, it can only be finished in 10 years. A project whose survey tender has been made. Works should be carried out strictly so that the construction tender is not only postponed. It should be a follower. "


İrfan Şenocak Chairman of ASKON: “Undoubtedly, transportation has a great share in the development of a region and a city. I think there is no need to explain the contribution of a high-speed train project to Samsun. We know that this project, which is considered for Samsun, is already among the plans of the state. Of course, we also support the work that will bring the project forward in the ranking and start the investment as soon as possible. This project to be realized as a result will contribute to the development of Samsun. It is not even considered that we are back in such positive studies concerning a province. We stand by every project that has the right goal and purpose.


Osman Reis KASİF President: “The Samsun-Ankara high-speed train project, which is planned to be built between 2023 and 2035, should be put forward. High speed train is the most important means of transportation after air transportation today. Turkey has made significant investments in the last 10 years many projects in this direction. Eskişehir-Ankara, Konya-Ankara high-speed train projects were implemented. It will be completed between Ankara and Istanbul at the end of the year. Thanks to the high speed train, traffic accidents and loss of property will be reduced and transportation costs will decrease significantly. High-speed train will also reduce foreign dependency. The high-speed train project between Samsun and Ankara was planned between 2023 and 2035. This period is too long for Samsun, which is in a rapid development. Samsun-Ankara high-speed train project should be taken to an earlier date. Samsun, which is in a rapid development, needs a high speed train. With the high-speed train that will reduce the distance between Samsun and Ankara to 2 hours, Samsun's trade will increase rapidly and tourism will be revived. With the high-speed train between Samsun and Ankara, not only Samsun will win, but other provinces in the Black Sea Region will benefit from this. In a sense, the high-speed train will connect the Central Black Sea Region to Central Anatolia and the south and will contribute to the development of the region's economy.


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