Samsun Light Rail Line to Reach 47.2 Mileage

samsun tram
samsun tram

📩 09/04/2023 18:18

Samsun Light Rail Line 47.2 kilometersSamsun Light Rail System Project, which was completed in two years by the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, took a breath of traffic. Within the scope of the project, which started in front of Shell Junction and ended in front of Ondokuzmayıs University Rectorate, a total of 21 stations were built along the route. With the project, which has a total length of 15 thousand 700 meters, a daily carrying capacity of 25 thousand passengers with 90 vehicles was projected in the first phase. Municipal officials of the Light Rail System Line 15.7 km. is, in the 2nd stage, the line is 21 km from the Gar to Çarşamba Airport. and 10.5 km from Ondokuzmayıs University towards Taflan. said the extension is planned. With this project, the existing line is 47.2 km in total. It is envisaged to transport passengers by reaching their length.

Samsun Light Rail System Project: Samsun Light Rail Transportation System project main line route starts from University area and ends at Gar station area. Samsun Light Rail Project (SHRS) main line length is 15.695 meter, warehouse area is 1.900 meter and workshop building is 404 meter length. Approximately 14 kilometers of the line are designed as closed and 1.5 kilometers are designed as open lines.

About Samsun Light Rail System

There are 8 scissors in the main line of the total 74 region that allow the passage of rails and the change of direction of trams. 2 type rail is used in the project. S49 is the 13.492 meter of the rail line, also known as the cork rail, and RI60 is the 2.203 meter of the rail line, also known as the corrugated rail.

There are total 21 passenger stations in the SHRS project. Pedestrian level crossings are available to ensure safe passage of pedestrians at all stations.

There are 8 level crossings for vehicle crossings between University Denizevleri stations.

There are 3 pieces viaducts on the main line. The viaducts of Pelitköy, the Faculty of Education and the Youth Park are viaducts constructed in the main line of SHRS, and during the crossings of the trams, the line superstructure is equipped with extra security measures.

There are a total of 5 pedestrian overpasses in our line. These overpasses; Yeni Mahalle- Atakent, Ö-Derivatives Türk-İş, Türk-İş Mimarsinan, Atakum Municipality Denizevleri, Denizevleri Highways

There are total 21 stations in Samsun Rail Transport system. Length of stations 45 m; The side platform widths are variable according to the density and the minimum 2 m is designed. Platforms are made of 28 - 30 cm higher than the upper elevation of the rail. Ramps suitable to the station entrances have been designed in order to provide more convenient access for disabled passengers to the stations.

Central platform stations; line endings, underpasses and other alternative operation areas.

A sufficient number of turnstiles were installed in the passenger stations according to the number of passengers. Charge collection is carried out with the turnstiles in the stations. For short distance boarding, the fare checker devices are available at all stations.

The fare collection system of the rail system is integrated into the fare collection system used by the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality on the passenger buses. In this way, bus-rail system integration is also provided.

In addition, 23 bus and ring bus lines have been installed for rail system line feed and transfer services.

As planned 15,7 5 40 401 17.12.2012 1.500.000 passenger trains were purchased. The contract has been signed with China CNR on 12. 14 XNUMX XNUMX will be delivered after the month and all trams will be delivered within XNUMX months.

The decision was made at the 10 meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality Assembly of the Metropolitan Municipality Council 2011 October 17 about the extension of the Samsun Light Rail Line to the Airport on the east side and to the west on the west side. In this context, TROLLEY BUS will be operated on the mentioned route for a certain period of time which will be made into the road preferential way by making Rail System infrastructure in the section from Gar to Tekkeköy. The TROLLEY BUS vehicles will be capable of carrying 24 passengers with a height of 220 m. The difference between these tools is that they will be operated with electricity. Currently, feasibility studies for the project are ongoing.

Map of Samsun Tram

samsun tram station list
samsun tram station list

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