High Speed ​​Train Meeting

High Speed ​​Train Meeting
Şükrü Başdeğirmen and the members of the board of directors of Isparta Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ITSO) met with Serdinç Yılmaz, Transportation, Energy and Logistics Department Head, Ministry of Development, and received information about railway and high-speed train projects.
The delegation, which went to Ankara under the leadership of ITSO, also visited Serdinç Yılmaz, Head of Transport Energy and Logistics Department of the Ministry of Development. ITSO President Başdeğirmen received information about the railway and high-speed train investments during the visit. Then Başdeğir that says we should be able to easily navigate the different provinces of tourists coming to Antalya, Turkey, bearing, said: "We are bringing tourists to Antalya, do not release this coming tourists entering the hotel. We need to take the tourist to Istanbul, Konya and Cappadocia. The way to do this is by fast train. We set out with this idea. While drawing the high-speed train line, we especially passed it over Eskişehir. He would somehow land in Burdur, Isparta, and Antalya from Afyon with the line coming from Istanbul. Survey projects have been carried out, but there are problems in Burdur, Antalya and Isparta regions. We have determined that there are problems due to geographical conditions. That area is a congested area in terms of transportation. The thing that needs to be done to solve this is to land in Antalya port as cargo with optimum investment. "
Stating that the cost of logistics should decrease in order to improve the industry, Başdeğirmen said that they are working in this direction. The train, 250 speed of the train moving 413 300 people, 400 km will go to the XNUMX personality will be the high speed train sets, said:
“If one or two trains are filled a day, it will move. On the other hand, the existing line from Isparta to Burdur will be preserved. Two high-speed train lines will be built again. Only high-speed trains will run there. It will collaborate on the other side. The project is not initiated because it is not currently in the investment program. The important thing is to be included in the investment program. If Isparta, Burdur and Bucak can be connected to Antalya by rail, it can double the current industry. "
ITSO President Başdeğirmen stated that the transportation of freight and passengers with the increased speed train to be connected to Antalya Port is of vital importance for the economy of Isparta, the airport and the organized industrial zone, as well as the transportation of passengers by high speed train. Başdeğirmen said that they expect these works to come to the tender stage as soon as possible and Isparta to be connected to Antalya, Ankara and Istanbul in the most economical and fastest way.



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