Metrobus crisis in Pakistan

Metrobus crisis in Pakistan
The opposition is hard on the project of disseminating metrobus, one of the promises of the new prime minister Sharif. Turkey supported Metrobus project was allegedly made 400 million dollar corruption

There is a metrobus debate in Pakistan. 11 Nevaz Şerif, who was elected as prime minister in May, said that the Metrobus line in Pencab will expand and will attract significant attention. Two months after the elections, the BRT project came back to the country's agenda. AFP news agency in the past distributing tablets to schools and the public with applications such as metrobus Şerif'in news in the new period made news. According to the report, the people of Pakistan, Pencab'de Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Transportation by the 27 station with the metrobus line and Akbil similar system to other states want to spread.

However, the opposition, the inhabitants of Pencab "more comfortable and faster than other public transportation vehicles" interpreted as the metrobus and Sheriff administration was the ball. Former opposition leader Raja Riaz, who argued officially that the project was officially committed to the 30 billion rupe (300 million dollars), said, eri The Pencab administration has spent more than the forecast, and 30 has spent billion rupees (70 million dollars) instead of billion rupees. Corruption occurred in the project and the budget was opened.
As a result, financial problems arose in other cities and regions. Due to the Metrobus project, important expenditures such as education and health in other cities remained in the background eğitim.
Pakistan needs to pay 2014 billion dollars to the IMF until the end of 4. In his speech last week, Prime Minister Sharif said, geçen All projects will be completed within 5 years. We are open to Turkey and help to boost the economy of countries like China, "he said. Economists emphasized that new projects are positive, but that these initiatives could harm the budget.

Nevaz Şeref, who became the prime minister after the elections in May, distributed the tablets to schools and had the support of the people by bringing the BRT system to Pakistan.

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