Ödemişın Üç Eylül District Railway Reaches to Pedestrian Underpass

Ödemişın Üç Eylül District Railway Reaches to Pedestrian Underpass
Within the framework of the renovation works of the State Railways between Ödemiş and Torbalı, Üç Eylül Quarter, which is divided in half from the middle due to the iron railings mounted in Ödemiş, is getting close to the railway pedestrian underpass.
TCDD 3 recently started work after the request of underpass of the residents of Üç Eylül neighborhood, who had difficulty in moving to Kantarcı district where there were health centers, neighborhood houses and schools due to handrails and had to walk to the old station area. A tender was held at the Regional Directorate.

For the underpass to be constructed near the Bridge Street, the objection process was expected after the tender and it was learned that the place delivery would be made in 5 in July. The pedestrian underpass, which will start with July, is expected to be completed by August.
The Minister of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim, indicating that they are a close follower of the issue of the AK Party Izmir Provincial Vice President Mahmut Badem,, Mr. Minister of Foreign Affairs TCDD 3. The Regional Directorate made the necessary discoveries and went to the tender. 5 will be delivered in July following the contract process. The contractor will complete the work within a month. In order to prevent the interruption of the train services, the work is carried out at night. The first digging for the pedestrian underpass that our people want with interest can be shot in July edi.

Citizens from time to time to skip over the iron railing even striking the three September District Headman Bekir Usakli, pedestrian underpass in the short period of the start of the work is very gratifying, he said. Uşaklı said, adan The barriers that cause our neighborhood to be divided into two are very important for railway and pedestrian safety. However, our residents are experiencing difficulties in going to institutions such as health centers and schools. It's a long way to go. Prior to this, we conveyed the demands of our people to the relevant ones. After the right to demand, the tender phase was also behind. In July, we are excitedly waiting for the first shot to be shot. We would like to thank Mr. Binali Yildirim, the Minister of State of the TRNC, Mr. Mahmut Badem, the AK Party Provincial Vice President, and Mr. Ali Hadim, the Chairman of the AK Party District.



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