Obstacles are getting up with the Metropolitan (FotoGaleri)

Obstacles Are Getting Up With The Metropolitan
Thanks to the cordless wheelchair charger placed in the Bursaray Şehreküstü station by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, an important issue of disabled citizens has been overcome. Thanks to the 6 vehicle charging device at the same time, people with disabilities will not have to return to their homes when they have finished charging.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has redesigned public areas of public use in Bursa for patients, elderly, children and disabled people, has solved an important issue, especially for disabled citizens who use wheelchairs. In the city center, for the disabled people who had to return to their homes because their vehicles were overcharged, a cordless wheelchair charger was installed in the area where the transit tournaments of Bursaray Şehreküstü station were located. Thanks to the device that can simultaneously charge the 6 tool, a major problem of disabled citizens has been eliminated.

Thanks to the device designed with the comfortable use of the citizens sitting in the cordless wheelchair, the disabled citizens can easily recharge their vehicles. With the new application, it is possible to fully fill a fully empty battery between 1-2 hours. In accordance with requests from disabled citizens, the establishment of the same system at different points came up, while the disabled citizens who used the system thanked the Metropolitan Municipality for the implementation. In the past, the old citizens who had to return to their homes in the past, said that they had to go back to Şehreküstü station. Here we can continue our program again after charging our vehicle. We thank the Municipality ediy.


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