Pepper Gas Torture For Metro Passengers

Pepper Gas Torture for Metro Passengers: Pepper gases squeezed in actions initiated for Taksim Gezi Park also affected passengers in Ankara. The subway station in Kızılay Square could not escape the effect of gas for a long time because it was underground. Continuing its influence, the gas had minutes like torture those who used the metro.

Police teams intervened in Kizilay Güvenpark around the demonstrations that have been going on for a few days by spraying with water and gas. Yesterday, when some groups fled to the subway, the police officers threw gas bombs into the station. Metro security guards said the police dropped up to 10 gas bombs into the station after the escaped. Today, those who used the subway in the morning had moments like torture. Those who came to Kızılay Station were surprised at what they would do with the effect of gas. Citizens who have experienced the eyes and started coughing tried to get away from the station as soon as possible.

Source: MynetHaber

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