Marmaray found body in construction site

Marmaray found body in construction site
Workers found bodies during the Marmaray line excavation in Gebze District of KOCAELİ. It was understood that the body, which was determined to be killed with a knife and thrown here, belongs to 10-year-old İrfan Eren, who has been missing for 44 days.

Workers conducting excavations on the Marmaray line in Beşevler locality saw the body at around 15.30. When the situation was reported to the police, the teams who went to the scene determined that the body that was stabbed to death belongs to 44-year-old İrfan Eren. It was determined that İrfan Eren, who was not identified by credit and ATM cards but was identified with the credit and ATM cards of the banks, was a truck driver and was killed about 10 days ago. It was understood that Eren brought fruits and vegetables to Gebze from Adana Kozan. In the investigation, it was understood that İrfan Eren went to Gebze Hali near Gebze Muallimköy and then disappeared. When the relatives of İrfan Eren could not reach, it was learned that they filed a disappearance application to the police in Ereğli district of Konya 10 days ago. The police are continuing the investigation into the incident in a multifaceted way.

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