Manisaya Light Rail System

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Manisaya Light Rail System
In recent years, due to the growing number of vehicles and the lack of road network in itself drowned in a proposal to be taken into account the Governor Abdurrahman War came. Governor War stressed the need for the city to pass the light rail system, this proposal can be applied also expressed. Governor War, ve The city is growing very fast and is constantly receiving immigration. Public transport should be encouraged to be used. Opening new zoning areas or building new car parks does not solve the problems in the center. The 5 car can replace these people with 1 vehicles or 2 vehicles instead. Maybe our municipality can think about this light rail system. Bel

Ertuğrul Dayıoğlu, former head of Manisa Municipality, Zafer Ünal, Adil Aygül and Bülent Kar visited the Governor Abdurrahman Savaş in his office. During the visit, the questions of the journalists about the parking lot problem in Manisa and the central density Governor Savaş, Manisa Municipality made a light rail system to make recommendations.


Former Presidents of the Municipality of War 'welcome' to the wishes of success conveyed. Başkan We are here to support you as the former presidents of the municipality. We all tried to provide the best services to Manisa. We are a team of people who come together from time to time in Manisa. We had the pleasure and excitement of serving the nation. You're the ones who do it all the time. It's a sacred and fun mission. We believe that you will have nice services in Manisa as in the province where you serve before. Bundan

Unal, the former mayor of the Municipality of Ersan because of the inconvenience of the Governor, but the Governor sent his greetings to the war said.


Governor Savaş, who thanked to the Presidents of the Manisa Municipality for his courtesy visit; Üm I have seen that Manisa's economy and agriculture have developed. Therefore, you are the representatives of a very valuable team who worked in the development process of Manisa and the preparation of the city for this process. I would like to express that I am very happy and very happy to visit you in this continuity together. I saw this with pleasure in Manisa. Manisa's interests, Manisa's development, people's welfare and peace of mind when it comes to all institutions have the ability to come together. As civil society, they are what we need now. I hope that this unity, togetherness, synergy will spread to us, we also benefit from. Our goal is to do the best things to do for Manisa c


The Governor answered questions from journalists after the war speech. What kind of solution do you think of a journalist 's parking problem in Manisa? Providing answers to the question, Governor Savaş said, “The city is growing very fast and is constantly receiving immigrants. Public transport should be encouraged to be used. Opening new zoning areas or building new car parks does not solve the problems in the center. In order to solve the problem in the center, the people working in this region depend on the fact that the people who have their jobs come with their own vehicle instead of producing other alternatives. Similar European Union cities also have trouble. That is, when a city is 3 million, 5 can grow into 15 million years later, and new problems such as new residential areas can arise at a time. In order to reduce the density in the center or to enter the city center of a vehicle for each day, 5 Euro or 5 TL must be charged. In order to avoid this fee, people are not allowed to enter the city center or workplaces with their vehicles. There is a density in the center, we accept it. People with workplaces on the same route can take each other alternately. So 5 tool can carry these people instead of 1 vehicles or 2 vehicles. I need to work in time. The city needs a light rail system. Perhaps we can think about this in our municipality light rail system, Belki he said.

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