LIRR Train Leaving Transportation In New York (Video)

LIRR Train Offsets Transportation In New York
On Monday evening, the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) derailed in an East River tunnel, causing frustrating delays and cancellations during business hours for passengers at Penn Station.

According to AP / NBC News, the Metropolitan Transport Organization (MTA) said a LIRR train in the direction of Hempstead derailed shortly after departing Penn Station at 6: 00 waters. The first wagon of the 10 wagon train derailed completely, while the second wagon partially derailed.

Tameka Chandler, a Queens passenger, said the train was in the eighth carriage during the incident. Chandler said the train began to shake when the tunnel entered.

Ler People were looking around, but there was no confusion, Chand said Chandler, stating that the passengers remained calm.

It is not known what caused the train to derail.

According to the New York Fire Department (FDNY), the 700 passenger on the train was not injured and the firefighters tried to take the passengers off the failed train. A LIRR spokesman said the passengers in the last few wagons of the train were allowed to walk to the platform. In order to rescue the other passengers in the first few cars of the train, another train approached the derailed train.

Authorities are trying to decide how to safely transport the derailed train, while the railway line is currently unavailable. The train that derails has blocked one of the four East River tunnels. Due to the incident, on Monday evening, the eastern train service was limited. In addition, the westbound train service was suspended to allow trains to move east using the remaining three tunnels.

Amtrak also said that some trains departing from Penn Station on Monday suffered delays.

Officials say delays and cancellations are expected to continue until Tuesday morning. Passengers are advised to check “” for their latest service status.

As the crowds at Penn Station increased with delays, the police blocked the entrances at some point, preventing more people from entering the station. This forced passengers like Diane Worley to Valley Stream to head to the LIRR station in Queens, Jamaica.

Ley I got on the E train, it was a disaster. It was like two hours trying to get home. For the money we pay monthly, they can do much better. ”

Other passengers also joined Worley's reaction.

Im I'm tired of the delays at LIRR, Franc said Francine DeLoca.

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