Konya Natural Gas is getting 100 Bus

Konya Natural Gas is getting 100 Bus
Konya Metropolitan Municipality strengthens the public transportation fleet with the new bus, 100, which works with natural gas and is environmentally friendly.
Konya Metropolitan Municipality, is engaged in natural gas for use in urban transportation, environment friendly 100 new bus is the tender.
Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Akyurek, Konya public transportation system in the new opened streets, roads, new lines, rail system transportation and bus lines, they are doing important work, they re-planned public transportation, he said.
President Akyürek stated that the latest model 60 tram, which was auctioned and signed under KONYARAY project, will start coming to Konya in the coming months and emphasized that modern trams will bring a new dimension to rail system transportation.
Tahir Akyürek, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul, announced that the 20 will be the tender of 100 natural gas and eco-friendly bus 60 will be auctioned on Thursday.
Under the scope of the tender, there are also 2 filling stations, President Akyürek added that they have doubled the bus fleet over the last 9 with the buses to be auctioned.

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