Kars-Erzurum Railway Line is Renewed

Kars-Erzurum Railway Line is Renewed: State Railways (Tcdd) renews the 2013-kilometer railway line in Kars as part of its 112 work program.

Since 1969, since no work has been carried out on the Kars-Sarıkamış-Erzurum railway line, the railway network has been rebuilt by Tcdd Erzurum 45th Road Maintenance and Repair Directorate in Kars.

Stating that Tcdd started road renewal works in 2011, the officials said, “In 2011, we renewed the 98 km railway between Kars-Sarıkamış, Erzurum and Köprüköy, and in 2012 the railroad between Köprüköy-Sarıkamış Çatak, 105 kilometers. Within the scope of the 2013 work program, we started the works in Sarıkamış-Çatak location ”.

Their goal is to finish their works in the 6 monthly period from Doğukapı station to Çatak location, which is the border station, officials said:

Iyor During these operations, the 12-meter rails are removed and instead, 108-meter rails are installed. The new 108 meter rails are mounted on 250 paved concrete sleepers after the wooden sleepers we assemble on the old rails. Eski

80 worker, 9 officer, 7 operator and 3 technical personnel take part in the railway line renovation works in Kars.

As machine equipment we also have 3 digger, 1 grader, 1 cylinder, 1 rail vehicle and 2 track road repair tool.

Source: KentHaber

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