Japanese-Turkish Culture Meets at TCDD Museum

Japanese-Turkish Culture Meets at TCDD Museum: Japan Izmir Intercultural Friendship Association (JIKAD) brought together Turkish-Japanese cultures. The origami and photography exhibition at TCDD Izmir Museum and Art Gallery attracted great attention.

Japanese art origami works were exhibited as well as photographs reflected by the Japanese lens of JIKAD in Izmir. Mayor of Konak Municipality Hakan Tartan, the founder of JIKAD Development Agency, the general secretary Ergüder Can and JIKAD Chairman Arzu Yucel and art lovers attended.

Mayor of Konak Hakan Tartan said that he liked the origami, which reflects the Japanese culture, and the photographs depicting Izmir. President Tartan said that the Japanese people were different, loving and friendly. U I am proud to see Izmir from the eyes of the Japanese. Japanese art, origami, is a folk art that reflects society. Such exhibitions strengthen Turkish-Japanese relations. Intercultural convergence is an important step for the future of the society. Kültür

Source: Star Newspaper

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