In Sweden, the firm banned the wearing of shorts back

In Sweden, the firm banned the wearing of shorts back
The "skirted action" initiated by male drivers driving the commuter trains in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, against the shorts ban has yielded results. The company that operates the trains announced that shorts will be distributed to employees.
In the district of Roslagsbanan in the north of Stockholm, drivers who drive the suburban trains wanted to wear shorts instead of pants in hot weather. However, the employer firm opposed this request, stating that it would not be appropriate for employees to wear shorts during working hours.

At that time, a part of the male mechanic working in the suburban line asked for the skirts given to the female employees and started to wear these skirts during working hours.

Sweden and the world press showed great interest in this event, indicating that the company's communications director Tomas Hedenius, the ban on the reactions removed, people who want to wear shorts said.

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