The biggest external financier EIB for the Istanbul-Ankara YHT line

The biggest external financier for Istanbul-Ankara YHT line is the EIB.
Treasury Undersecretary Ibrahim Canakci, the European Investment Bank (EIB) is always recording what they saw as an important development partner, "that Turkey has provided total funding from the EIB for the 2007-2013 period reached 14 billion euros. We receive an annual average of 2 billion euros in financing. ”

EIB Istanbul-Ankara High Speed ​​Train Line Financing and Turkish Growth and Innovation Fund signature Speaking at the ceremony Çanakçı held for the Accession Treaty, the relationship between the EIB with Turkey over the years 50 said he continued.

The EIB's growth in 50 years, Turkey's growth, development, economic diversification and provide support for the goal of strengthening the infrastructure reminiscent Çanakçı, "EIB as always we have seen an important development partner," he said. Çanakçı, noting that Turkey's international investment have a close cooperation with all organizations that have relations with a number of unique characteristics EIB underlined.

The relationship between the amount of the EIB in recent years reached a large volume with Turkey voicing Çanakçı, "which Turkey has provided total funding from the EIB for the 2007-2013 period reached 14 billion euros. We receive an annual financial contribution of around 2 billion euros. We provided a funding of 2,1 billion last year, and this year we aim to implement a similar financing program. ”

-EIB, the largest external financier for the high speed train line

Çanakçı, Istanbul-Ankara High Speed ​​Train line Noting that the financing of part of the funding program this year, said he is concerned Turkey's prestige project's work.

Reminding that the EIB has been supporting this project since its inception, Çanakçı stated that the Bank provided 2006m financing to the project in 850 and 2011m euros in 600, while the amount of 200m euros signed today is the last tranche of the second package.

Çanakçı, Istanbul-Ankara High-Speed ​​Train line for the biggest external financier said the EIB.

-We opened the way for the fund

Treasury Undersecretary Çanakçı, Growth and Innovation Fund stated that Turkey attached great importance to the Accession Treaty. Last Çanakçı 1,5-year period, emphasizing great strides in this regard, "the debt financing rather than equity financing in Turkey, in terms of long-term funding to remove the forefront of our work it was serious. In June of last year, we established the infrastructure of the mechanism, which we call angel investors, and the system started to work, ”he said.

Çanakçı noted that with a law passed by the parliament a few months ago, the Undersecretariat of Treasury provided support for the funds-funded structures, and this step was particularly important for supporting investors in the first phase. Çanakçı noted that the studies on regulations have reached the final stage, and that KOSGEB and EIB will be the institutions they will work with.

- A new fund fund

Mustafa Kaplan, Head of Small and Medium Enterprises Development and Support Administration (KOSGEB), said that the European Investment Bank and 6 have had strong cooperation over the years.

The total business of more than 99 percent in Turkey Kaplan highlighted that SMEs, said businesses, 76 percent of the total employment in the country, added value of 55 percent, while exports reported that performs 60 percent.

Kaplan, Turkey's first private fund, which funds iVCi, the process is a commitment and investment in a successful manner indicating that they have completed, iVCi commits it to 160 million euros, 1,4 billion euros reported that perform leverage.

Kaplan underlined that they have started to realize the new funds fund they have been working on for almost a year within the scope of the Turkish investment fund.

“We are introducing the fund of funds focused on growth and innovation for the first time today. Our new initiative will focus on both business growth and innovation, a fundamental challenge for both Turkey. The new structure, which is planned to be approximately twice the size of İVCİ, will carry the flag it receives from İVCİ further, creating a business idea with fast growth potential and a financing option for early-stage enterprises.

Thus, while aiming to increase the number of private equity funds in our country, our established enterprises will continue to provide the capital they will need to grow. We expect other partners from the public and private sectors to participate in this initiative and we believe that they will help us achieve the size of the fund we are targeting. Turkey's first fund to an ambitious project to believing we hit the road with the European Investment Fund as the fund would like to thank all our partners and I believe we create a real team spirit.

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