Does Bursa matter for Istanbul?

Does Bursa matter for Istanbul?
A moment…
We thought.
Bursa had not been near Istanbul; what would be its urbanization and its final status, and how its future was spoken.
Some Anatolian cities hosted international organizations and acquired various titles.
Bursa does not have an easily accessible and functional airport. There was no intercity network railway, and the high-speed train would be quite delayed.
Even so…
Bursa can be a different and special city for its city, but it is also important how it is looked at from Ankara and Istanbul.
For Istanbul İstanbul
It was like a backyard!
The competition of cities will surely be experienced.
As of recent history Yakın
Bursa and Istanbul's unity are required. Bursa's objection to the polluting industry, Istanbul has a red line.
With state and government policies, it is also painful for Bursa to be able to receive services at expected times.
AK Party's 11 annual ruling'n
The completion of the high-audience sports hall project in Nilüfer and the absence of full priority in the high-speed train are tragic examples.
Bursa, Istanbul, but inter-city road transport, we see that Izmir is important.
The first thought of the Ring Road, which is still being served, was the project and construction of Istanbul and Izmir.
Again, it is!
Kadir Topbas, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, met with tourism companies.
In the background, while the services to the city are emphasized, it is called, 4 hour between Istanbul and Izmir with the new highway Arka.
Izmir; warm climate, the way to vacation!
As of the process Süreç
While starting the bridge-crossing project in İzmit Bay, despite the expectations and insistence from Bursa, Istanbul's 3. The bridge was not installed.
The project, which started to work on the basis of high-speed train, also brought Gemlik-oriented freight forwarding into the agenda.
The response to the privatized Istanbul Sea Buses and the end of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality touched the municipality and the Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa opened to the sea and evaluated the process well.
2 big city and people of Marmara are important for each other.
Bursa is an important city in its own right. Between Istanbul and Izmir, it is not an ordinary Anatolian city and no intermediate stop, but an intersection in the center of great integrity.
That's a real Şu
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality will continue to show the difference and power of the city with its applications and promotions, targets and initiatives in various fields.

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