Unlicensed quarry on ilimtepe road

Unlicensed quarry on ilimtepe road
Within the scope of the High Speed ​​Train Project, the quarry opened on the Bayimtepe Road is a danger to both residents and car owners. The road, which was started to be carved from the top and the bottom, is on the agenda of both the CHP and the citizens. To see the subject on the spot and the citizen's voice to go to the quarry on the Gulf Ilamtepe Road to the quarry where the people of the Gulf Provincial District of Ibrahim Kazim Elmasla made a statement. . It's the only way that connects us to the city center, El says Diamond. Established after the earthquake in the province of Ximn; Winter is heavy. Night is fog. The road is narrow enough for us in every sense of distress. No lighting on the road. The quarry for the High Speed ​​Train project is a problem in itself. It's not clear how many trucks come and go every day. Speed ​​rates are high because they broke the way. They have no respect for small vehicles, Küçük he said.

Elmas said that all the neighborhood headmen who were close to this area complained about the matter. El If the solution is to close this quarry, they should close this place. Or put them in charge of the trucks. Or let us find an alternative way. The trucks are fast passing through the neighborhood. There are children on the street. We file a complaint to the Chief of Police. 'Criminal men are closing contacts,' he says. Everything has a solution. Her

Elmas Büyükşehir said that he had written a petition to the Metropolitan Municipality about the illumination of the road for about three years and transferred the issue to SEDAŞ. Mushroom addressed to the muhtarının SEDAŞ voiced that they expect a solution about the Diamond passed. Gulf Municipality CHP Council member Tuman Kayali said, önce They said that they will make a road for the Ilimtepe road and then they will plant trees. Most recently, they said they are looking at the Special Provincial Administration. Gulf Municipality on this issue lies in the mud, Körfez he said.

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