Ildem-Beyazşehir Rail System Line is renewing Ildem road | Kayseri

Ildem-Beyazşehir Rail System Line is renewed with the Ildem road
Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality has taken over the road on both sides of the line with the İldem-Beyazşehir Rail System Line. The road connecting Ildem and Beyazşehir to Sivas Street is both expanded and renewed.

Construction work on the Beyazşehir-İldem and Üniversite-Talas lines, the second and third stages of the rail system, continues. Metropolitan Municipality is also carrying out road construction work on the new routes of the rail system. First of all, infrastructure works started on Beyazşehir-İldem road, which is one of the roads where these works are carried out. While the rail system and the drainage lines of the highway are being built by KASKI, Kayseri and Surrounding Electricity Company also carries out its studies on lighting. After the infrastructure work of the road is completed, teams affiliated to the Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs start the superstructure. The teams work on a nine-meter road and two-meter pedestrian paths on the right and left of the rail system line.

The works between Ildem and Sivas Road start with the emergence of the rail system line and the completion of the concrete casting process. Studies are carried out in certain regions in order not to interrupt the traffic and the rail system operation. For this reason, traffic is given unilaterally in some regions. The road expansion and renovation works of the Metropolitan Municipality on the İldem route will be completed in the summer period.

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